1. Born and reared in north Louisiana, Sandy Thrasher Ourso spent her early childhood attending church every Sunday under the direction of her mother. When she was 15 years old, she decided she no longer wanted to endure the boredom of church services, and began her evolution into agnosticism. At the age of 20, she married and moved to Dallas.

    The next 10 years were spent living a life that was, according to the world’s definition, both successful and satisfying. She had a job that she enjoyed, and an income that allowed her to satisfy every whim. She and her husband spent their spare time traveling, going to concerts and movies and the theater, dining at fine restaurants, partying with friends and acquiring material possessions.

    At the age of 30, her curiosity was piqued after reading a lengthy interview in The Dallas Morning News with a man named Francis Schaeffer. Dr. Schaeffer was a former Presbyterian minister who had left the church to establish a retreat in Switzerland called L’Abri, which he described as a place for young people to search for answers. Intrigued, she went to buy Schaeffer’s book, “How Should We Then Live: The Rise and Decline of Western Thought and Culture.” The bookstore clerk told her that Schaeffer was scheduled to speak at Moody Coliseum on the Southern Methodist University campus, that he was wonderful, and that she should go hear him. So she did.

    Following his lecture on the last day of the seminar, Dr. Schaeffer spoke one simple sentence that triggered Sandy’s Paul-on-the-road-to-Damascus experience. She instantly and mysteriously realized that Jesus was the truth - that He was the Son of God. And her life would never be the same. That defining moment was the beginning of a spiritual quest that she describes in her book Rescued by Prayer as the most glorious and most challenging journey of her life.

    Although the early years of that journey involved periods of tremendous Christian growth alternating with times of spiritual exhaustion and backsliding, the overall thrust has consistently been toward God and His ways. As she struggled for maturity throughout this process and became steadier in her walk, the Lord began to open doors for her, and she began to move into a life of service to Him.

    As her devotion to God and His ways increased, He began to answer her prayers in sometimes dramatic, sometimes subtle ways. When she realized that she was forgetting about some of those instances of answered prayer, she began to write about them so they might be preserved - primarily for her young daughter to read. That effort eventually grew into a book titled Rescued by Prayer.

    Sandy is a graduate of Louisiana State University in Shreveport, worked as a newspaper reporter and editorial writer, and served as Executive Director of the Governor’s Partnership for a Drug-Free Louisiana under two governors. She is a Bible study leader, discussion group leader, conference speaker and author. She lives in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, with her musician husband, Lynn.

    Contact Information:
    Sandy Ourso
    P.O. Box 44393
    Baton Rouge, LA 70804-4393
    E-mail: sandyourso@cox.net

  2. Sandy speaks about the power of prayer in her life.